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Week 12 of 365 Project 2020

Times sure are strange. This might be the last week of my 365 project, but…the good news is that I have well into the tens of thousands of photos on my hard drives; I might just start doing an edit-a-day or creating digital art from a photo – I haven’t decided if it will be a daily post or a weekly post. I’m even playing with the idea of creating short videos similar in nature to my “Creating Beauty Every Day” project that I did back in 2017. Whatever I decide, it will be out of my need to create. With that said, let’s see what I was up to last week!

Sunday I went back to Moorpark College for a 2+ mile walk with my Fuji XT-3 and Lensbaby 56mm lens. The sky was threatening, but it didn’t rain during my walk. Lots of wet stuff to photograph, but I chose to show this flower that someone placed on the concrete.

I Gave my Love a Flower

On Monday I only went out to pick up some lunch, other than that is was raining pretty much all day. By late afternoon it finally stopped for a bit and I went outside to take some photos of the wet grass. Found today’s photo of water drops on a spider web in the mimosa tree.

I Want a Pop...

I moved cleaning day to Tuesday, then had to scramble later in the day for something to photograph. I walked to the store to pick up a few things, and saw the shadows on the wall as the clouds were just starting to cover the sun. Glad I took the photo as the look was soon gone, just like the items (not) on the grocery shelves!


Wednesday found me outside tackling the weeds that are getting out of control from the rain we’ve finally been getting. I took some time to take photos with my Fuji XT-3 and Rokinon 100mm macro lens while outside.

Cuts Like a Knife

Thursday was street sweeping day, I wasn’t sure if they were still going to clean the streets as most of the people in the neighborhood didn’t seem to be moving their vehicles. Looking online I saw that during the virus crises they weren’t going to issue tickets for parking on the street, but that if you were able to move your vehicle, they would appreciate that. As for today’s photo, I think that it must have rained the night before as the grass had lots of droplets hanging off of them.

Rise Above the Noise

On Friday I decided to take it easy and only did a few things around the house. I took a 1 mile plus walk and stopped in Grocery Outlet to see if they had any more of the Forager green drinks; they were out, but I did find a couple of other brands to try (so I can get some extra greens since right now it is hard to find fresh vegetables). On the walk home I took some photos of yellow and orange flowers along the side of the parking lot. Played around with the photo on my iPad Pro to give the look you see below.


Saturday I did the errands I normally do on Sunday’s as we have over 95% chance of rain tomorrow and I don’t want to get wet or cold. I also did a 2.85 mile walk with no pain…it sure felt good! While walking, I came across the sign below sunlit from the back (or front, depending on which direction you’re walking). I liked the way the FLOODED sign looked with 3 letters blocked out. A while back I think I posted a photo of water drops on my onion plant.

Today, while looking at all of my plant babies, I saw a tulip plant emerging from within the pot that has the onion plant in it. I thought I had removed all of the bulbs last year, taking out more bulbs than I had planted. Now I wonder if it will smell like an onion, I also wonder what color it will be. Stay tuned…

FODD Backwards

Well, that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe…and healthy.


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