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Week 13 of 365 Project 2020

Well, I was still taking photos this past week, so I thought I’d share them with you. Four photos were taken at the house, two were taken while I was out walking, and one was taken while waiting for my take-out order. I was going to get the post done earlier today, but found WordPress changed the editor…again. I felt totally frustrated, so I went outside to pull weeds, calm down, and get in a better head space. When I came back in I was definitely feeling better. This time, when looking at the new editor, I didn’t feel frustrated and was able to get this post out. I still don’t like the new editor, but I won’t be letting it get to me.

This past Sunday found me with some free time since I ran errands the day before. We were supposed to get a big rain storm but it didn’t come until later in the day…which gave me a chance to go for a walk at Moorpark College. I wasn’t the only one walking around the campus, but it was easy to keep social distancing from anyone else walking around. It was there that I came across this beautiful pink rose – which I then gave it a bit more of an antique look. I liked it as black & white, but wanted just a subtle hint of color. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

A Flower a Day...

Monday I relaxed, it sure felt good to just decompress. Last week I told you about the Asiatic Lilies starting to bloom, today’s photo is one of the shoots with 4 buds. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Little Sprout

Tuesday I started copying/pasting my 2009 Thailand journal from Google Docs into Notion (referral link). I was also using Google maps to embed maps and street views into each day’s entry. It felt good to relive the journey. Scrambled that evening for something to take a photo of, used one of the dead tulips as my subject. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Slip Sliding Away

Wednesday was spent pulling weeds in the backyard and more copying/pasting from Google Docs to Notion. Again had to scramble in the evening for something to photograph. Went for the dead tulips again. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Windmills of my Mind

Thursday I was pulling more weeds, more copying/pasting, and then I went for a walk late in the afternoon to pick up some treats for the dog and some salads for us. Loved the angle of the sun for this shadow photo. Photo processed on my iPad Pro.

Don't Fence Me In

By Friday I was finally done with the 2009 trip to Thailand. I also pulled more weeds. I felt in need of a “treat” so I drove to Urbane CafĂ© and The Habit to pick up some lunch for us – I’ve been wanting to take a photo of the sign inside the restaurant with the light fixture (I “erased” the pole coming down into the light fixture) so today I finally got up the nerve. Photo processed on my iPad Pro.

I Got a Light on You

Today, Saturday, found me out in the backyard with camera in hand looking for things to photograph. I spotted a ladybug and watched as it crawled around; I was also shooting. I can’t believe I caught this shot…the water drop had attached to his/her underside and as s/he moved down the blade of grass it stayed right underneath. I found it very fascinating. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Magical World

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


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