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Week 11 of 365 Project 2020

Things sure are getting crazy out there especially with the news focusing on the corona virus; people need to be reading the info from the CDC website and just calm down…and turn off the TV, or at least the news. I’ll get off of my soap box now and get on with my week.

On Sunday I decided to walk around Moorpark College with my Fuji XT-3 and the Rokinon 100mm macro lens; I took the 10mm and 16mm extension tubes with me, but never used them. So far I’m pretty impressed with the lens and the wide range of images it can take (besides macro).

Monday was a full day with me taking a time out to search the backyard for a subject…it didn’t take long for my eye to spot the yellow flower of a dandelion looking like a satellite dish searching the skies for intelligent life.

On Tuesday they were forecasting this monstrous storm, they had even put up the “Flooded” signs and “Slippery When Wet” signs yesterday in anticipation of the storm. In our area, we got rain overnight, but nothing major; it looks like the storm broke in half with part hitting Santa Barbara and points North, with the other part heading towards Arizona. I’m glad we got some rain as I had subject matter for today’s photo.

Wednesday I took the tulips outside to photograph them before they’re completely “dead”; I was surprised to find tiny water droplets on various flowers and stems, especially since they are in the house and I don’t mist them.

Thursday was going to be a Costco run. (Insert maniacal laugh here) 10:00 and traffic is coming from 3 directions trying to funnel into the parking lot; there were no spots to park, and there is a huge parking lot. I exited as fast as I could and ran the other errands I was planning before heading home and doing laundry. Thought I’d use the PhotoBooth app on my iPad Pro to take photos of my dying tulips.

Friday I was feeling run down. I was going to attempt another Costco run, but decided to listen to my body and just chill for the day and stay dry. Ran outside when the rain had stopped to take some photos with my Fuji and the 100mm macro lens.

Today, Saturday, I ran to the local grocery store and picked up some food, then some lunch at El Pollo Loco before MacBites After Hours started. Since they didn’t start until an hour later than usual (regular time for them, they haven’t changed their clocks yet), I went outside and took some more wet grass photos but this time with the Lensbaby Velvet 56mm lens and the Fuji XT-3. I had to crawl through the dog door to get back inside as it had started raining and I didn’t want to get wet by going back inside through the garage door.

Well, that’s all for this week. 11 weeks down…thanks for visiting and see you next week!


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