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Week 29 of 365 Project 2020

This week I was trying out Kaleido Lens again and Soratama Lens by the same developer; I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but every time a photo got saved in Kaleido Lens I would get a “you might like” ad for their other app. Normally I would complain about that being that I had purchased Kaleido Lens, but seeing the photos taken with it, I broke down and spent $1.99. Oh, and this week our Monstrose Cactus was going crazy with the cactus buds blooming. One night 2 opened, another night 3 opened, now its down to just one more bud. With that said, on with my week…


Was way too hot to walk at Moorpark College so I only got my water bottles filled up, did a Costco run, and picked up some lunch. Today’s photo is of a Fortnight Lily taken with Soratama Lens.

A New Life Begins


I didn’t leave the house today, not even to pick up my weekly Ma Po Tofu as I was suffering with a headache, almost migrain-ish, and some new floaters. I did manage to do the weekly cleaning I normally do. Today’s photo is one of the two Monstrose Cactus Flowers that opened up last night, taken with Soratama Lens app.

Cactus Flower


Still suffering with a headache but it wasn’t as bad as it has been. Walked to get us some lunch and worked on timing of balloons for niece’s digital birthday card. Today’s photo is of a trumpet vine flower taken in Kaleido Lens.

Rising Sun


Added music to my niece’s birthday card, futzed around most of the day trying to decide between 2 different Happy Birthday songs…and getting things lined up (music and video). Today’s photo of a fortnight lily was taken with Kaleido Lens.

The World in a Circle


Today was my niece’s 13th birthday. We had a nice Zoom birthday celebration and I got a virtual kiss for her digital greeting card that I created. Seeing her eyes go wide and a big grin appear on her face as tons of balloons passed over the screen melted my heart, but the kiss afterwards let me know I did good. Today’s photo of a cactus flower was taken with Kaleido Lens.

Three Cactus Flowers


Got some things done around the house and laid low listening to Marooned at MacBites HQ in the morning and watching MacBites After Hours in the afternoon. Today’s photo is of a black rose succulent taken with Kaleido Lens.

Black Rose Succulent

Saturday (today)

Today I’ve been folding laundry, washing up the dishes and some other chores around the house while listening to Marooned at MacBites HQ then music on their other “station”. Today’s photo is of a Monstrose Cactus Flower (only 1 bud left to bloom) taken in Soratama Lens app.

Good Morning

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


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