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Week 28 of 365 Project 2020

This week is all about trying out some new kaleidoscope apps on architecture and/or man-made objects. I found 3 apps that ranged from .99 to $1.99. The new apps are Kaleida Cam, Kaleido Lens, and Camera Kaleidoscope. Knowing I would be working on my niece’s birthday card all week I took all photo’s on Sunday. With that said, on with my week…


After waking up mentally and physically exhausted (from having to stay up with my scared fur baby from all the idiots shooting off illegal fireworks) I drank a Kiito protein drink that energized me, then I went for a walk at Moorpark College and did 2.46 miles. Afterwards I got groceries, went to get my water bottles filled up, and picked up some lunch. After eating lunch I treated myself to a nap while sitting up. Today’s photo is of the multi-layered ramp on the side of Moorpark College’s library building.

Stairway to Heaven


I didn’t leave the house – I picked up my Ma Po Tofu the day before. I cleaned house and started creating a digital envelope for the birthday card for my nieces upcoming 13th birthday. Today’s photo is the front side of the Performing Arts building at Moorpark College.

P is For Performance


Worked on the design for my nieces birthday card. Today’s photo is part of a seat and its shadow.

Seating and Shadow


Started animating my niece’s birthday card. Today’s photo is of the sky and handrails.

Not a Snail Shell


Went to meet up with my dad after his last appointment, not sure when I’ll get to see him in person again. We had a nice social distanced meal at a picnic table and afterwards went for a 1+ mile walk. Stopped to get groceries as I only picked up a couple of things on Sunday. When I got home I vegged as I had a slight headache that turned into a pounding headache by the evening. Today’s photo is from a bench outside the Moorpark College Library building.

Careful Where You Sit


Got some things done around the house, shipped off a package to my mom then stopped and got some Minced Garlic Broccoli from my favorite Chinese restaurant. Finished getting lunch together then it was time for MacBites After Hours; listened while working on animating envelope for nieces birthday card. Today’s photo is of a corrugated metal barrier.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Saturday (today)

Today I’ve been working on this post while listening to Marooned at MacBites HQ then music on their other “station”. Will be back to exporting the last items needed for card animation after I finish this post. Today’s photo is of bricks and concrete walkway.

You Are My Sunshine

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


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