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Weekly Photo Challenge – Smile

This weeks Photo Challenge, Smile, has us “point your camera at something or someone that puts a smile on our face (or just show a smiling face).” I’m almost a week late getting this together as I was trying to find all of my smile/smiling faces. Somehow I couldn’t find my smiling squirrel or smiling goat on my hard drive, but I did find 7 photos to share for the challenge.

First up are 2 statues…

WPC Smile - Smiling Female Statue
Smiling Female Statue
WPC Smile - Smiling Monk Statue
Smiling Monk Statue

Now for a couple of people…me and then a mom and her son.

WPC Smile - Smiling Me
Smiling Me
WPC Smile - Smiling Mom and Son
Smiling Mom and Son

Then there’s a colorful bus with Disney characters smiling…

WPC Smile - Smiling Disney Characters Bus

And, finally, a couple of smiling animals…

WPC Smile - Smiling Deer
Smiling Deer
WPC Smile - Smiling Ostrich
Smiling Ostrich

To see more photos of Smile, click here.


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