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Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

This weeks Photo Challenge, Awakening, wants us to show renewal. Here in Southern California, Spring is in full swing. Since I love flowers, those are the kinds of photos I’ll be using for this weeks challenge.

WPC Awakening - Wet Calla Lily
Wet Calla Lily
WPC Awakening - Rose 1
Roses and a Bud
WPC Awakening - Pink Magnolia
Pink Magnolia
WPC Awakening - Clivia
Wet Clivias
WPC Awakening - Rose 2
Wet Rose
WPC Awakening - Rose 3
Pink and Yellow Rose
WPC Awakening - Fern
Fern Growing Up
WPC Awakening - Amaryllis

To see more photos of Awakening, click here


3 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

  1. Wow! love these flower photos. You should share them on Tourmaline’s Color Your World challenge (can be photos, art, writing inspired by the color of the day). Two of your photos fit the colors for this week: the 12th is Violet Red (more of pinky violet red) and the 14th is Wild Watermelon. You can add your post to the list during the week for any of the days during the day — doesn’t have to be the same day.


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