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Weekly Photo Challenge – Lines

This weeks Photo Challenge, Lines, wants us to “look through our lens and pay attention to lines.” For me that’s super easy as I find myself attracted to them, whether in nature or architecturally. Here is my submission for this weeks challenge.

I start with my favorite building, Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The first 3 were taken in 2009 as we were waiting for our flight back to the States. The 4th photo was taken in 2010 between 2 and 3 in the morning, while waiting to see if we could get a flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand – we had to wait until 6 am for that info.

WPC Lines - Suvarnabhumi Airport 1
Suvarnabhumi Airport 1
WPC Lines - Suvarnabhumi Airport 3
Suvarnabhumi Airport 3
WPC Lines - Suvarnabhumi Airport 2
Suvarnabhumi Airport 2
WPC Lines - Suvarnabhumi Airport 4
Suvarnabhumi Airport 4

The rest of the photos were taken out in nature…

WPC Lines - 3 Geese
3 Geese
WPC Lines - Bridge Looking Down
Bridge Looking Down
WPC Lines - Shipping Dock
Shipping Dock
WPC Lines - Light Rays 1
Light Rays 1
WPC Lines - Waterfall Slo Mo
Waterfall Slo Mo
WPC Lines - Train Tracks
Train Tracks
WPC Lines - Old Poles
Old Poles
WPC Lines - Light Rays 2
Light Rays 2

To see more photos of Lines, click here.


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