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Finished Projects – Week 7

Things have been going smoothly since my last post. Today I made another trip to the laundromat and it went much better than my first trip there. I Got some good news today…the new washer and dryer are ready for delivery, I set up an installation date for next week so I can do more cleaning in the garage before they get here.

Last night I put the finishing touches on the digital art journal page after creating the text “sticker” in Art Text 4 and adding the white outline and shadow in Affinity Photo on my Mac. The background designs were created with 4 different stencils I created and various “Artista Brushes” in the iPad version of Affinity Photo. The brush set was one of the free gifts with the 1.9 update from last week. I noticed that DesignCuts is selling the brush set for $20. Prior to the 1.9 update, I had downloaded some sponge brushes from Brusheezy and that’s what I use around the edges of the digital art journal and tag pieces.

Talk Is Cheap - Final
Final – A Bird in Hand…

Today I finished animating my dads birthday card in Keyshape and combining the files in iMovie. Below is what the card looks like closed, partially open, fully open, and the envelope front with the inside flap showing above. I left the sentiment out of the image, but I found the poem at

Dad Birthday Card 2021
Final – Birthday Card for Dad

That’s all for now. Thank you for visiting and stay safe and healthy. Until next time…


4 replies to “Finished Projects – Week 7

    1. Aww, thanks Mike, I will (his birthday isn’t until the 22nd which is why I’m proud of myself for finishing his card so early). I know you can make your own brushes from photos in Affinity programs, but I think I remember it can be done in Photoshop. DesignCuts recently had Khara Plicanik (sp) do a live stream on creating brushes in Photoshop. I didn’t watch it, and I see they haven’t edited it yet for posting on YouTube.

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      1. My mother recently turned 90 and I took her to get her first shot today. We gotta take care of the old folks, I think that’s in the bible.

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      2. My dad will be turning 92 and is in excellent condition. He doesn’t take any medications, but takes lots of supplements and has been walking 2-3 times a day since he lost his job last year due to Covid-19. This guy does not like sitting still and if it weren’t for the pandemic would still be dancing, working out at the gym and working in the kitchen at his former job. His only downfall is his hearing. Glad that you’re taking care of your mom when needed.

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