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WIPs – Week 6

So this week was much more quiet than the previous month. I had my first visit to a laundromat in over 40+ years; that was an experience I’d rather not talk about (LOL). I started re-working something I started as a digital greeting card and I also started working on my dads birthday card, a first for me (not waiting until the last minute to start a project) .

WIP - A Bird in the Hand...
WIP – A Bird in the Hand…

The best part of the week was Thursday as Affinity (Serif) released version 1.9 of all 3 programs (Photo, Designer, and Publisher). My most wished for feature was included in this version – being able to save my “Workspace”. Yes, I know its been available in a wide range of programs, but for some reason it wasn’t implemented in Affinity’s software. Now I can save a workspace for digital mixed media pieces (Photo), for greeting cards (Designer), and digital planner (Publisher).

WIP - Dad Birthday Card 2021
WIP – Birthday Card for Dad

Another cool feature is being able to sync your purchases amongst all (Affinity) programs and platforms (Mac, iOS, and/or Windows). Purchases are any assets bought through the Affinity store – fonts, brushes, textures, etc. This feature is only available once you register your program on whatever platform(s) you use; you also got to download new, *free* assets for all 3 programs.

Time to get back to work on my dads birthday card as I have 2 more to create for birthday’s this month. Thank you for visiting and stay safe…and healthy!


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