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Week 27 of 365 Project 2020

This week is all about using the Kaleidoscope camera app – taking 3 photos, using different cuts, of the same flower and then creating a new image in Affinity Photo. Just wanted to mention that last Saturday we had a wonderful family (virtual) celebration for my moms 80th birthday, thanks to Zoom. With that said, on with my week…


I went for a walk at Moorpark College and did 2.31 miles and walked, not ran, up and down many stairs as I was wearing flip flops. Afterwards I got groceries, went to get my water bottles filled up, and picked up some lunch.

Kaleidoscope I


I left the house only to pick up my weekly Ma Po Tofu. Besides that I cleaned house and started to gather digital assets to use in another digital birthday card, this time for my nieces upcoming 13th birthday.

Kaleidoscope II


Did some much needed work on the poor, neglected front yard; pulled weeds and cut other greens back. Started to work on the design for my nieces birthday card.

Kaleidoscope III


Back outside to clean up the neglected front and back yards…weed whacked them both. I finally received my much awaited Rumblex Plus 4D Whole Body Vibration machine. The box looked like it had been through a war. After checking to make sure no parts were lost, I attached the cable to the unit and plugged it in. Chose one of the pre-programmed settings and enjoyed my “work out” happy that nothing broke in transit.

Kaleidoscope IV


Barely got the RV moved in time, he was 15 (or was it 20) minutes early. Picked up lunch for my partner, then went to meet up with my dad after his appointment. We had a nice social distanced meal at a picnic table. After we ate we went for a 1+ mile walk. Got home and started work on my nieces digital birthday card.

Kaleidoscope V


Got laundry done and some other things around the house, then it was time for MacBites After Hours; listened while working on nieces birthday card.

Kaleidoscope VI

Saturday (today)

Today I’ve been working around the house while listening to music…almost forgot it was my day to post the weeks photos.

Kaleidoscope VII

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


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