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Week 25 of 365 Project 2020

This week is all about having fun with creating reality. Some photos were created (or edited) with Photoshop Camera and almost all had people added in Humans Photo Editor. The week was full of ups and downs with creating my dad’s Father’s Day card, but in the end, everything worked out. I’m way late with getting this posted today as I’m finally getting a chance to start on my mom’s birthday card. With that said, on with my week…


I went for a walk at Moorpark College, I did 2.45 miles and went running up and down many stairs. Afterwards I got groceries, went to get my water bottles filled up, and picked up some lunch. When I got home I decided to do my cleaning a day early so that I could work on the Father’s Day card tomorrow.

Outta Sight


Worked on some changes to Father’s Day card and did some remaining cleaning. Left the house only to pick up my weekly Ma Po Tofu.

Forgotten Time


Spent a good part of the day out on the side of the house pulling weeds and spraying the big, stubborn ones with natural weed killer. Worked on some tweaks to the Father’s Day card. Started on the animating of text for my dad’s card in Keynote.

Walking on the Moon


Worked outside pulling more weeds on the side of the house first, then, back inside to work on my dads card. That turned into frustration. I had the text animated in Keynote and was trying to get it to play nice with the card animation in iMovie. That evening I watched videos on YouTube to see what I might be doing wrong before falling asleep. I found the right video and got the information I needed, couldn’t wait until the morning to give it a try.

New Morning


I finally finished with the animated Father’s Day card this morning!!! I lengthened the card animation to 2 minutes and rendered it. In the Keynote animated text clip I set the fill to none, then exported the movie as Self-Playing, then under Resolution, I clicked on Custom, then typed in 1920×1080, clicked next to Apple ProRes 4444, and finally checked the box next to “Export with transparent backgrounds”. The last piece I had to do was animating the card closing, got that figured out (was pretty easy), saved out that clip. Opened iMovie and imported my 3 clips. I shortened the card opening clip to be even with the animated text, then added the closing clip. Final step was airdropping the movie to my iPad Pro.
I met up with my dad after his appointment, before that I stopped at Olive Garden and picked up the food I had ordered last night. We had a nice social distanced meal at a picnic table. After we ate, I held my iPad Pro to face my dad while his Father’s Day card played; he loved it! I think even more so once I told him that I made it and that I taught myself how to animate to create the card. I will post a clip of the card on my portfolio page within the next 2 days (hopefully).

If You Believe


Worked on mom’s birthday card…actually was getting assets together and creating a mood board. Watched MacBites After Hours as I was working on the card. By the end of the day I was not feeling great with the direction of birthday card, decided to sleep on it.

When You Wish Upon a Star

Saturday (today)

Today I did my Sunday errands so that tomorrow my sisters, dad, and I can do a Zoom celebration. I also finally started working on my mom’s 80th birthday card; I was hoping to be almost done with it by now (her birthday is a week from today).

Music to Calm the Beast

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


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