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Week 24 of 365 Project 2020

This week was going to be all about buildings manipulated in Flexture app with figures added from that app, or Humans Photo Editor…until Photoshop Camera came out late in the week. I really wanted to hate the app, and wasn’t sure I really wanted to try it out; but there are some cool filters for creating surreal images. With that said, on with my week…


I went for a walk at Moorpark College, I did 2.56 miles and went running up and down many stairs. Afterwards I got groceries, went to get my water bottles filled up, and picked up my Ma Po Tofu a day early.

Out of the Tunnel


Did a Target and Costco run. I would have gone into Target on Sunday, but it looked like they were giving something away…the parking lot was full and people were driving around looking for parking spots. Had no problem getting a spot today at Target. Costco parking lot, on the other hand, was pretty full. I found a shady spot way far away from the front door and walked. By the time I was finished shopping, it was pretty darn hot out. I made one more stop then headed home to work on my Father’s Day card.

Staying Safe


Spent a good part of the day chilling as it was way too hot outside. I finally “cracked the code” on animating the greeting card for Father’s Day! I was so excited once I figured it out…I even patted myself on the back a couple of times. So you don’t think I’m dense, I got the animation part figured out last week…the part that had me stumped was making the “decorations” on the front of the card disappear when the left flap was open. I finally got it to work after exporting every piece as an .SVG, or .PNG (from Affinity Designer), depending on use, then importing into Keyshape. The trick was when I went to add a key frame for the front “topper”, I noticed some options…one was for “opacity”. I checked that, then set the opacity to 0; from there it was a matter of adjusting when, and how long, for it to occur.



Today was the hottest day so far…over 94 degrees on the front porch (in the shade!). Made it through the day, barely. Worked on Father’s Day card for a bit, card design will be the same, just changing out pictures. After yesterday’s success, I had a hard time getting it to work again on the right flap…eventually I got it to work. May have to do some screen recording so I can remind myself what to do, LOL.

They Walk Among Us


I met up with my dad after his appointment and gave him 2 bags of macadamia nuts (which he loves). We went into the store and picked up some lunch for our picnic – we sat at a safe distance on the same side of the table only because the shade was on one side. We welcomed the occasional breeze at it was pretty hot, even in the shade. Downloaded some new assets for the Father’s Day card. Can’t wait to work on it some more tomorrow.

Play Time


Worked on Father’s Day card animation…got frustrated with left flap not animating correctly. Watched MacBites After Hours as I was working on the card. Played around with Photoshop Camera for a bit.

Onion Head

Saturday (today)

Laid low. Started Father’s Day animation from the beginning and got it to work correctly. Yay! Found sentiment for inside, so that’s all I need to add to the animation. Now I can start on my moms 80th Birthday Card on Monday or Tuesday.

It's a Good Day

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


6 replies to “Week 24 of 365 Project 2020

    1. I went for a walk today and that was what I used for the photos I took…had lots of fun playing with it. By the way, did you know you can open any photo from your camera roll and add the lens effect to it?

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