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Week 19 of 365 Project 2020

This week is all about abstract/long exposure photography with a painterly look. Photos were taken with the Spectre app, processed using Brushstroke app and blended back with original photo in Juxtaposer app. With that said, on with my week…


Went for a 2.5 mile walk at Moorpark College then got water and stopped at 2 grocery stores for items needed. Worked on Birthday Card for my partner’s daughter. I’ll be setting up a slack channel for the cards I create. If you’re interested in seeing them (or ordering a custom made card to have printed), stay tuned to this space.

Silent Lucidity


What a frustrating day! The inside of the birthday card I’m working on was not looking like what I wanted…went to plan B, but the downloads were taking forever. I eventually finished the artwork, then moved on to Keynote, where I created an animated version, and finished just after 8pm. The highlight of the day was getting my Chinese food and seeing the beautiful lantana flowers in the parking lot (which look like corn salsa in today’s photo).

Not Corn Salsa


Laid low today, did some yard work and cleaned up the kitchen and pretty much relaxed. Earlier in the morning I emailed the (movie) greeting card I created yesterday to the recipient, took some screen shots and posted those photos to my greeting-card channel on slack (feel free to join, not only to see my creations…but at some point I will be offering personalized cards for those who are interested).

Sunny Days


Finally received the new dog door I ordered last week to replace the one that is/was 14-15 years old. Despite measuring the old dimensions against what amazon showed as the new dimensions…I had some work cut out for me. Took me 2 hours to plane/shave off about a half inch x 15″ of wood to make the smaller piece fit in the old hole. I’ll wait until we’re able to have people over again (my dad in particular) so he can help me make the hole bigger for the larger piece (we don’t have the needed power tool). During a break I took a long exposure of a mimosa sprout for today’s photo.

Eat Your Greens


Went outside this morning and saw that 2 Asiatic lily buds had opened up over night. There is a top flower and one just below it. Today’s photo is a 3 second exposure of both flowers (only 1 petal off the top flower framing the stamen on the bottom flower). I had to move the RV for street sweeping day so I took it for a short drive to pick up more drinks and salads. I also went into one of the restaurants in the parking lot to pick up some lunch. Last stop was putting gas in the tank – I had been putting that off as the last few times I tried to put in gas the pump kept shutting off. After getting the RV smog checked a couple weeks ago I told the owner what was happening and he said it had vapor lock, and what I needed to do to pump without that happening. California has “sleeves” over the nozzle and all I needed to do was pull back on that sleeve while pumping. It was a pain in the ass holding the sleeve back with one hand while holding the nozzle with the other, but it sure beat having the pump stop after every .05 to .25 cents!

Two for Thursday


Met up with my dad today at a store where we needed some items. We kept our masks on and social distanced – coming from a loving, hugging family, it was very hard not exchanging a hug with him. We got something to eat from the store and had a bit of a picnic (sitting on opposite sides and ends of the picnic table); afterwards we put our masks on and went for a walk. Then it was back home. I created a new card template in Affinity Designer, then started to create my Mother’s Day card for my mom; nothing like waiting until the last moment, but it’s not like there are Mother’s Day commercials on 24 hours a day to let you know it is this Sunday! (Maybe there are, I just don’t watch TV…or commercials).

Blowing in the Wind

Saturday (today)

I ran my Sunday errands today so I can stay home tomorrow. One of the items I stopped in Costco for I completely forgot to get – it’s one of the things I’ve been eating every day for dinner; now I’ll have to miss the next 2 days and make a quick run on Monday before picking up my Chinese food.

Roses Aren't Always Red

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


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