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Week 17 of 365 Project 2020

All of this weeks photos were taken in Tiny Planets (iOS) app or with the stock camera app, then converted in Tiny Planets (app doesn’t do so well with close up/macro shots like the stock camera app). So, on with my week…

Sunday I did a 2.3 mile walk at Moorpark College – it felt good to be out, walking and sweating, and taking photos. I was hoping to get everything I needed today, but I did not want to wait 1+ hours in line just to get in the store(s). I need a new string trimmer for the yard, but now I have to go back out sometime this week…maybe I’ll try again tomorrow when I go for my weekly Ma Po Tofu. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.


On Monday I ordered a new string trimmer from Home Depot’s website and was going to pick it up at the customer service desk. On the site I was told to wait before coming over; then I got a call with bad news – there were none left, luckily they reversed the order, but now I have to drive even farther away to get one (not a happy camper!!). Since I now couldn’t combine my errands, I had to go out only to get my weekly dose of Ma Po Tofu and something for my partner. Photo processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

See Ya Later!

Tuesday was spent around the house enjoying life in the backyard – watching birds swooping down onto the ground, hearing the hummingbirds buzzing around, watching lizards catch and eat cinch bugs, enjoying all of the fortnight lily buds popping open – while I got things ready for recycling. I charged up the battery for the string trimmer and will hopefully be able to cut the grass/weeds in the front yard tomorrow. Photo processed in Mextures and Alien Sky on my iPad Pro.

Bad Moon Rising

On Wednesday I weed whacked the front yard and about 3/4 of the back yard, luckily the last battery charged up with no problem (I’m trying to put off going out for a new string trimmer as long as possible as I don’t want to travel farther than I actually need to). While doing an outdoor walk, I came across all these daisies in bloom, and took a photo. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Flowers in her Hair

Thursday morning I finished weed whacking the backyard (after letting the battery charge overnight) and raked up the clippings before it got too hot. Lots of fortnight lilies are in bloom. Photo processed in Mextures (iOS app).

Threading a Needle

On Friday I checked Home Depot’s website and saw they got a new shipment of string trimmers in, hopefully they still have them in stock on Sunday when I go to get water. It was way too hot to go out and do anything…except for the few minutes I was in the backyard taking photos. Photo processed in Mextures – two different looks – then used Topaz Mask AI to blend them together.

String Me Along

Today, Saturday, I had to go out and get flavored water for my partner and food for us. I took today’s shot while waiting for some Thai food. Thankfully it is not as hot as yesterday, but it’s still toasty warm. Photo processed in Flexture app (iOS) and Mextures.

Walk on By

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.


4 replies to “Week 17 of 365 Project 2020

    1. Thank you for the question. Quite frankly, I hadn’t thought about it; I do enjoy playing digitally with nature and I would just as soon cut off a hand/finger as to hurt a flower, unlike some people who pull them apart and make their artwork (from petals, leaves, and such). I’m glad to see that you are safe, and look pretty healthy from your photos. Will you be heading back to Thailand any time soon? Stay safe!

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