Week 16 of 365 Project 2020

I was in a creative mood this week, as in not wanting to post just a photo, but manipulating a photo into something more…I made good use of an app called MirroCamFX for taking this week’s photos. Processing apps were mostly by BrainFever Media: Circular (iOS and Mac versions), Alien Sky, Reflect, Flexture and Lens Light.

Easter Sunday was spent around the house, cleaning. Took some photos of the fortnight lilies, then played around with some mirrored photos. I took one of the mirrored photos into Circular app (iOS) and kept adding elements until it came out to my liking.

Time Traveller

On Monday I stayed home, except to go get my weekly dose of Ma Po Tofu and pick up a couple of salads at the store. I weed whacked the front yard before going to pick up lunch, after lunch I did the taxes for 2019. Before I left, I went into the backyard with my iPhone 11 Pro to take some mirrored photos. “Eyes” were added to photo in AlienSky (iOS app).

Pinball Wizard

Tuesday I partly spent trying to get the battery off of the string trimmer; it was the original battery. I finally got it unmounted and put on the fully charged battery and set about to weed whack the back yard. Took some more mirrored photos, played around with them in Circular app (iOS) and Reflect app (iOS).


Wednesday I finished weed whacking the backyard and started to rake up the remnants. I’m down 1 battery, so I now have to wait for the remaining battery to charge up before I can continue…so it basically took me all day to cut. I took today’s photo with the mirror camera app again, then processed it in Reflect app (iOS) and added the figure in Flexture app (iOS).

NOT the New Normal

Thursday was street sweeping day and I had to move the RV. Took advantage to make a stop in one shopping center (Smart & Final and Target) for Vitamin Water Zero’s and salads. While waiting to pick up lunch for partner I took a mirrored photo of chair shadows…then created today’s photo in Circular Studio, the Mac version of Circular app used this past week. Had a hard time coming up with a name.

Gather 'Round my Friends

Friday was spent cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry, and watching MacBites After Hours in the background. Sometime during the day I went outside and saw a bee on our recycling container; I was amazed at how well the iPhone 11 Pro did at 2x. On my MacBook Pro I opened the photo in Image Tricks Pro and used Bulge. Next stop was Circular Studio where I added a “sun disc” and a “chroma ring” to the center of the photo; then I added “white sun” to the bee’s eye. After airdropping to my iPad Pro, I opened Flexture app and added the girl with an umbrella.

Bee Protected

Today, Saturday, I took a walk to the grocery store to pick up a few needed items but mostly I went for the exercise. Outside of that I pretty much rested, took today’s photo and created the final image in Reflect app, Flexture app, LensLight app, and finally, Matter app.

One Fall Day - After

This week I’ve decided to show you the Before and After photos.

  • Time Traveller - Before
  • Time Traveller - After
  • Pinball Wizard - Before
  • Pinball Wizard - After
  • Cuckoo - Before
  • Cuckoo - After
  • NOT the New Normal - Before
  • NOT the New Normal - After
  • Gather 'Round My Friends - Before
  • Gather 'Round my Friends - After
  • Bee Protected - Before
  • Bee Protected - After
  • One Fall Day - Before
  • One Fall Day - After

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.

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