Week 14 of 365 Project 2020

This past week I had to go out more than I wanted, outside of having to get tires installed on Tuesday and my weekly Ma Po Tofu on Monday (the restaurant is closed on Tuesday’s) I’m hoping to spend more time at home. It might not be too hard as we’re supposed to get some percentage of rain almost every day; next week may end up being a week of post processing older photos only.

Sunday I went for my walk at Moorpark College. I took my Fuji XT-3 and Rokinon 100mm macro lens, sure glad I did as I got to “stalk” a red tail hawk after s/he caught some “lunch”. I was able to sneak from my original vantage point to right in front of it, as it was looking down at its meal. I walked one step at a time, stopping in between steps. Every once in a while it would pop its head up and look at me, and to check for other birds in the area. I was able to get some photos of its wings up and open. I cropped today’s photo from landscape to portrait to help get rid of the light poles in the parking lot. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.


Monday I stayed at home and cleaned house, leaving only to get some lunch – can’t do without my weekly Ma Po Tofu. Today’s photo is from yesterday, before I went for a walk at the college. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

The Right Angle

Tuesday I pulled weeds in the backyard for about an hour. I had my camera with the Rokinon 100mm macro lens outside with me. When I saw this ladybug wandering around I quickly grabbed the camera and followed it around as it climbed up the dirt I had left behind. They are way too fast and I wasn’t able to nail the focus, but got close enough. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Queen of the Hill

Wednesday I went for a quick walk, saw this bush just bursting with butterflies and bees – the fragrance was incredible. Out of my 3 attempts to capture said insects I think this is the only shot that has 1 bee on a flower, though you probably can’t see it. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

The Smell of Spring

Thursday was street sweeping day and I had to move the RV. I got a nice surprise in the back yard…the fortnight lilies are starting to bloom again. I caught this flower as it was opening up, it reminds me of a baby carriage. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.


I didn’t want to go out on Friday, but one of our cars has a slow leak in the right, rear tire. I had talked to someone in Costco’s tire department on Sunday and thought the size tires I needed might be in – I misunderstood what the guy had said. I ordered the tires and had them check and fill all the tires on the car…both tires on the right side were low. On the way home I stopped at Strathearn Historical Park to take today’s photo. They were closed so I put my phone/camera through the fence to take the photo. I need to come back with my camera and the Rokinon lens to get in closer. Processed in on1 Photo Raw 2020.1.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Today, Saturday, I went to run my Sunday errands as we’re expecting 2 days of rain (I wish I would have known that yesterday as I would have done everything needed). I waited in line for about an hour at Trader Joe’s…just to get in. I was in need of green bones for the Boy, and I picked up some frozen food as most of our grocery stores have next to nothing for vegetarians (lots and lots of empty shelves). I took today’s photo while waiting in line. Processed in Apple Photos.

On Edge

Well…that’s all for this week. Thank you very much for visiting. Stay safe and healthy.

Steps 2 and 5 are optional

5 replies to “Week 14 of 365 Project 2020

  1. Great photos and I also have a question for you. I see the used the text effect for the lady bug and it seems that you can upload your own text. Do you know how to do that? I guess I can read the help file but there is only so much time in a day. Thanks. 👍

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    1. Mike, I’m assuming you’re asking how I did that in on1 Photo Raw, here’s how: Load desired photo first (single click on photo in Browse, then click Edit). Make adjustments (Develop), then click on Effects tab to the right of Develop. Click Add Filter, then select Texture. Click on Texture layer so that the options are now showing. Look for Category, then click in box to the right (my default is Walls, your version might be different). Just above Walls is Text, click on that. Look under Category and you’ll see Texture, click in box to the right…there are 3 Dark Text options and 3 Light Text options. I used Dark Text 2, Blend Mode of Normal, then lowered the Opacity.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you’d like screenshots of the process.

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      1. Thanks Debbie, I’ll have to try again or maybe I’ll just add my own text in Photoshop and lower the opacity. Take care

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I took a screenshot today of the settings – I used the same text on today’s photo as the ladybug photo. Tomorrow I’ll add it to the bottom of the post. It really is super easy to use in on1 Photo RAW.


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