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Week 9 of 365 Project 2020

The highlight of this week was new updates for all of the Affinity products, with the best part being the ability to save/use templates. I was also busy this week creating a birthday card for my best friend from Junior High School, only to discover that I lost her contact information…again! I wish I knew how to better organize my non-digital items. So before I get any more upset with myself, on with the week!

I’ve been feeling cooped up in the house, so on Sunday I decided to try and walk at Moorpark College before running my errands. I manged to walk 2.21 miles in 59 minutes. I was surprised at how many plants were cut back, but I did manage to find some flowers blooming (to take photos of). I love the yellow wild irises as they look like smiling faces.

Monday was spent cleaning, watching bits and pieces of Kobe and Gigi’s memorial, and texting with my cousin on her birthday. Late in the afternoon I was watering my plants and took some pictures of water drops on the leaves of an onion I planted. I decided to play in the Mirrorly and Distressed FX apps with one of the photos.

Tuesday was spent mostly on the couch with the laptop as it was too windy to use the weed whacker in the back yard. After getting tired of sitting, and the wind not blowing so violently, I went for a 2.07 mile walk. They were cutting back the trees in the park and I came across this fresh cut with a cool shape inside.

Wednesday I was in the backyard cutting down the grass and weeds, luckily they hadn’t grown too much in the last week plus. As I was raking up the clippings in one part of the yard, I noticed the Boy looking at something in the yard (his body was in alert position). I walked over and saw a fresh gopher hole. I squatted down with my phone/camera ready for its next appearance. It barely showed itself several times as it saw me. I moved to the side of the hole, removed some grass blocking the shot, and waited. I took 1 video and about 5 photos as it was peeking up the hole. Since I’ve posted other photos of the gopher(s), I decided to post a comic book photo of the Boy as he was watching…waiting…

Thursday found me busy creating another card for my best friend from Junior High School; I can’t believe we’re turning 60 this year!! Before I knew it the day was almost over and I hadn’t taken any photos yet. I went outside to play ball with the Boy. Afterwards, as I was heading inside, something on the table caught my eye…a grasshopper looking at its reflection in a pot, or so I thought. Upon further viewing it looked like it was trying to push the pot. After taking some photos I went about my business. Went back to the outside table later on and now noticed it was trying to climb up the side of a wooden planter without much success. It was then that I realized something was wrong, I’m guessing that a bird, or some other critter, had tried to make a meal out of said grasshopper; it was missing one of its jumper legs on the left side and parts of the smaller front legs on the right. I wanted to help it so I found a container to put it in to move it to another location. Well, that sucker jumped up onto the side of the house!! So much for it needing both jumper legs to perform that feat. About an hour later I went back outside to see if it was still on the side of the house, or on the table; it wasn’t. I decided to check the fortnight lily plant and there it was, along with another bigger grasshopper. I went back inside knowing it was okay.

Friday I did errands in the morning, picked up some lunch, and settled in to watch the live stream of MacBites After Hours on YouTube. I had thought of taking some pictures of the flowers inside Costco, but felt weird. So after 4pm, when MBAH was done, I went outside to find things of interest. My neighbor’s trumpet vines have taken over the back wall and are now working their way across the side wall.

Saturday was daddy and me time. We had a delicious lunch at the local Indian restaurant, but before he showed up at the house, I was taking pictures in the back yard. I had gotten then greenish jars for a project, now they’re just sitting…waiting to be used.

9 weeks down…thanks for visiting!


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