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Week 8 of 365 Project 2020

This past week was busy and stressful! Since I’ve been spending so much time trying to organize my digital assets, I wasn’t working on birthday cards like I should have been. It felt like finals week in school when you’re busy cramming for tests.

Sunday was spent cleaning and running errands so that I would be free on Monday to start working on my dad’s card. While getting groceries I took a quick photo of some exotic fruit – Star Fruit (Carambola) on the left and Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) on the right.

Monday was spent doing research for design ideas for my dad’s birthday card, and organizing my assets and ideas in Notion. I looked on Cafe Press and Red Bubble; it was on Red Bubble that I saw an old Japanese print that I liked. I decided to do a modern day version with my take in Daz 3D. I already had a kimono asset, but hadn’t yet purchased the additional textures; took time out to buy those and I was off and running. Later in the day I realized I hadn’t taken any photos and I rushed outside to look for something interesting to photograph that I haven’t already posted. When I came across this decorative aloe plant in one of the two cactus gardens we have in the backyard I figured this would do.

On Tuesday I created and rendered the scene for the front of the card, then created and rendered the scene for the inside of the card. While the first scene was rendering I ran to Trader Joe’s to pick up some items for the dog. In driving to the store I noticed the cool cloud formations and knew I had to make a pit stop at Wildwood Park before heading back home. Most of the shots were from the parking lot, but I did venture about 100 feet from the car (as my leg and foot was still giving me some problems and I had somewhat good shoes on – not hiking boots) and I saw this lone flower. I liked the way I processed it and that’s why I chose this shot over the clouds.

I had a rough night trying to sleep and sometime after 4am I started seeing how my dad’s birthday card would look. After getting up I went to play ball with our fur baby and saw some water drops on the grass. Ran back inside for the Fuji XT-3 and took some shots. (The Boy didn’t want to play and pretty much ignored me) I then spent much of the rest of Wednesday putting together the front and back design of my dad’s birthday card.

Thursday was street sweeping day and I needed to move the RV, but before driving it I remembered I needed to adjust the passenger side mirror. That’s when I noticed these HUGE dandelion flowers; I took 3 shots from different angles, but decided to show the side view. Once back home I finished putting the design together and tried printing the outside of the card. Printed nice except no black! I changed the black cartridge and checked all the others, decided to change out all of the colors. Printed again…still no black showing up. I decided to export the files as PDFs and sent them over to PostNet for printing. No problem with the black. I did a couple of print tests from the printer and black was printing fine, or so I thought.

On Friday I figured I could relax…somewhat. Did a Costco run then back home to weed whack the front yard as the weeds and grass were getting way too tall. Finished in time (almost) for the beginning of MacBites After Hours. I looked online for an answer to my printer problem. After about 6 cotton swabs and a little alcohol later, the black was printing just fine! However, it screwed up the printing on the font of the envelope…but that’s another story.

Saturday was my daddy’s 91st birthday! We took him to Downtown Los Angeles for lunch and then a walk upstairs to Kyoto Gardens. It’s hard to believe that a hotel has such a cool place on the roof. It’s not super huge, but it is a nice oasis in the midst of a bustling city.

8 weeks down…thanks for visiting!


4 replies to “Week 8 of 365 Project 2020

  1. Wow! 91! That’s pretty awesome. such a lot of history your dad has seen. You might do a history/art project with him. Like ask him does he remember anything from when he was 6 and then do a riff off whatever he tells you. I love the starfruit-dragonfruit pic– the textures are amazing

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    1. Mary, my dad played the violin at a young age, maybe 6, maybe a little older. He was also into gymnastics/hand balancing with other guys in the gym or at the beach. He still works out at the gym, loves swing dancing, and still works 3 days a week. He’s not on any medications – he’s been watching what he eats since his days in the army, and takes loads of vitamins and supplements. I’m very proud of him!

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      1. That is so cool that he works out and swing dances. He sounds a lot fitter than me. I do think food makes a big difference in how healthy we are as we get older and it sounds like he is proof of that.

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