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Week 7 of 365 Project 2020

I can’t believe another week is gone, and that we’re now halfway through the month! Or that my dad’s 91st birthday is a week from today and I haven’t even started on his card yet…at least the artwork part; I found a perfect sentiment for the outside and inside of the card. It will be done by Friday, that I know. And now on with this past week.

Sunday is my main errand day. I was getting ready to head home but wanted to take a photo somewhere other than at home. After picking up lunch and heading back to the car, I saw the sky to the East and, from the drivers seat got the photo of the tree in front of the car and the clouds.

After cleaning the kitchen floor on Monday, I took the pad outside to hose down and clean off the dirt. As the expandable hose started growing, it made a grasshopper jump out of the fortnight lily plant. S/he was a bit perturbed, to say the least. I decided to water my plants as we haven’t had any rain in about a month now. When I got back to the fortnight lily, I saw the grasshopper was back on a “leaf”. Guess who got wet? I couldn’t help myself. I had already turned off the water supply and was emptying out the hose. This was the only photo taken with my Fuji XT-3 and Lensbaby Velvet 56mm lens with extension tubes.

Tuesday was one of those days when the day was almost over and I still hadn’t taken a picture. After checking the mailbox I saw the shadow from the outer screen door on the front door…I knew immediately this was going to be the days’ photo.

Wednesday was weed whacking the back yard again, and look what I found…a Gopher Trifecta! Guess s/he is not happy that I cut down his/her food, but, hey, “you weren’t eating it fast enough.”

Thursday morning found even more holes; yesterday’s three holes are in the upper third of the photo. I guess I really angered the critter.

Friday was MacBites After Hours live stream on YouTube. When it was over I went outside and walked around, looking for what to take a picture of. I took a few shots but decided to go with the skewered leaf.

Saturday was daddy and me day, enjoying a good Indian food lunch at a local restaurant. I didn’t take any photos while in the restaurant as I had already taken a photo in the morning of my singing bowl from Thailand.

And there you have it…another week bites the dust. Thanks for visiting!


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