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Week 6 of 365 Project 2020

This past week found me busy organizing my assets in Notion along with other regular “chores”. There were many days when I waited until the last minute to find something to photograph.

Sunday was one of those days. I came across some food wrapped in foil and created a “zoom blur” in Slow Shutter Cam. It was developed in Darkroom app, but the image looks nothing like the way it started…thanks to Affinity Photo. I created a stained glass effect there.

Monday happened to be another of those days. I have a hanging of 2 eagles’ heads (sculpted) mounted on a piece of tree. Then there are feathers that hang down from the wood part. One is a peacock feather, or at least part of it. The sun was coming in through the window right next to the feather, but it still took 1 second for my iPhone 11 Pro to take the photo.

Tuesday I was busy in the backyard. The weeds and grass were now at least 6″ tall and there was much more of them than me (to pull them out by the root). I charged up 2 batteries for the weed whacker and set out to mow down the growth. It took me all day, and some down time for lunch and to recharge the batteries as they were wearing down very quickly. My sweet boy finally had a place to lay down again, and I had piles of raked up greens to put in the green container.

Wednesday I relaxed, kinda sorta. My muscles ached, but there was laundry to do…at least it was pretty easy going. I went to get some Thai food for lunch and took another photo of the elephant close to the entrance. See week 2 post for the other photo I took. It was Saturday’s photo.

Thursday I was still nursing aching muscles. I took a photo of the pink flowers out in front of the house and then played around in Mirrored app and Darkroom.

Friday was a Costco run. In the parking lot, across from where I was parked, were some pretty yellow flowers. I stopped down and took a couple of shots.

On Saturday I ran to get us some lunch before a webinar started at 1:00. I like the front doors of the restaurant, so I mustered up some courage, walked over to the doors, and took a picture.

So there you have it, my week in review along with this weeks photos. Thanks for visiting!


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