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Week 5 of 365 Project 2020

This week seemed very surreal at times, luckily there were some high points where I was very proud of myself.

Sunday was a weird day…finding out that Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter were killed in a helicopter crash left me in a state of shock, but not crying like a lot of other Angelinos. The photo for today was the sky around 11:30.

Monday morning had more news of Kobe and then the electricity went out. It tried coming back on 3 times, but shortly after the 1st attempt sirens were heard. I opened the PulsePoint app and saw that there was a traffic collision relatively close to our neighborhood. I went out for a painful walk to see what was going on. The traffic signal was out and the businesses in the mall were also without power. I took a photo of part of a gate that runs around the outside seating of a local restaurant. Shortly after getting back home the power came on. Yay!

On Tuesday I finally got around to taking a lot of unused stuff to Goodwill. Then went to the local Indian restaurant to pick up some lunch. That was where I took the days’ photo as no one was in the restaurant or behind the front desk.

Wednesday I didn’t leave the house. I thought I’d take a picture of the jungle that the back yard is turning into. I need some goats to come in and eat away!! LOL

Thursday found me putting together a bed frame I had purchased on Amazon. It was super easy to put together, even by myself! I don’t know why I waited for almost a week to get it done. It looks small, but that is a queen size frame!

On Friday I took the RV for a drive to Target and then to pick up lunch. After shopping was done, as I was walking back to where I had parked the RV, I found some interesting photos to take. Like the shadow of a shopping cart on the stonework.

Saturday, in the park…had a nice time with my dad. We had a picnic lunch after stopping at Whole Foods, then, before heading back to where I live, we stopped at a Dairy Queen and got a couple of soft serve ice creams in cones.

Thanks for visiting!


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