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Week 2 of 365 Project 2020

Week 2 was kind of slow, photo taking wise. Outside of Sunday, I was working in the back yard and wasn’t thinking that I needed to take any photos.

Sunday found me finally doing a walk around Moorpark College. You might wonder why I like walking there so much. First, it is pretty quiet on Sunday. Second, there is a lot of wildlife to be seen. Third, it borders nature! Okay, only on the East side, but it is nice to see a “clean view” when walking over by the Observatory.

Monday was very windy. So I found a trumpet vine flower to do a bit of exaggerating with, using the Slow Shutter Cam app.

Tuesday found me in the backyard cutting back the Fortnight Lily and starting on the Mexican Sage bush. The lizard sunning itself on the stones was wary about me being so close.

Wednesday was scrambling day. I was busy doing yard work and didn’t take any pictures. I looked around the house for something to photograph, and decided to make a Feng Shui money frog my subject.

Thursday I was back out in the back yard looking to see if the monstrose cactus had any visible buds sprouting…no such luck. Lots of spider webs on the plant though. As I got to one of the sides I saw the sun lighting up the thorns. I decided to practice getting the sun just barely peeking out using my iPhone 11 Pro.

Friday I had to wait for the cooks at Panda Express to prepare some eggplant tofu. While waiting, I was given a cup for a complementary drink. I liked the panda’s all over the cup so I took some photos.

Saturday I was waiting to get some Thai food and they had an elephant covered with different artwork. The birds were so colorful and cute. Glad I had my phone with me to get some photos.

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