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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely

This weeks Photo Challenge wants us to show “a photo of something unlikely.” We have a Monstrose Cactus that has had as many as 10 buds on it at one time, but that was a few years ago; nowadays there aren’t nearly as many buds and it can be months on end before any show up.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday afternoon, while playing ball with the dog, I noticed a bud on the plant. It was unlikely that it would bloom last night, but it did. It was also unlikely that after 9 a.m. this morning it was still in bloom and not halfway wilted. I went back inside and grabbed my camera, then back outside to catch the beautiful side lighting. I don’t like taking pictures in the center of the frame, but there was no other way to avoid the power and telephone lines that would have been in the shot.

Already at 2 unlikely situations, just as I was going to take a photo, a giant bumble bee came into the photo – unlikely number 3. After taking some photos of the bumble bee and flower I continued to shoot just the flower…or so I thought. I got 2 more photos with unlikely insects. One resting on a petal and the other flying up to the flower.

Without further ado, here are my submissions to this weeks photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Unlikely 1
Unlikely 1
Weekly Photo Challenge - Unlikely 2
Unlikely 2
Weekly Photo Challenge - Unlikely 3
Unlikely 3

To see more photos of Unlikely, click here.


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