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Weekly Photo Challenge – Story

This weeks Photo Challenge, Story, wants us to “be a visual storyteller.” If you saw my Weekly Photo Challenge for Cheeky, then you’ve seen the egret in the following sequence of images. The photos were taken as I was stalking lizards with the egret. He/she didn’t seem to mind me tagging along as long as I was quiet and kept my distance. I took a lot of photos of this great hunter, but the last photo was a one in a million shot! No photoshopping of the lizard, or egret…I didn’t even know that I had gotten that shot until later in the day when I sat down and scrolled through the photos. I just wish I had a lens that was over 300mm that day.

Egret Spies Food
Egret Spies Food
...With A Tasty Morsel
…With A Tasty Morsel
Egret Reaches In
Egret Reaches In
Egret One In A Million Shot
Egret One In A Million Shot
Egret Coming Out...
Egret Coming Out…
Egret With Lizard Zoomed In
Egret With Lizard Zoomed In

To see more photos of Story, click here.


2 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Story

    1. Thank you, Mary. It was more a case of being in the right place at the right time. I was surprised at how many lizards the egret found, and ate, during the time I got to stalk with it…not sure how long it had been eating before I noticed it on my friends’ property.


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