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Weekly Photo Challenge – 2017 Favorites

Our final photo challenge of the year is to “share your most meaningful photo from 2017”. I’ll be breaking mine down into a two galleries. All photos were taken with my iPhone SE and I haven’t done any post processing to them. A few photos got cropped and all were resized for faster viewing.

My most epic photo of 2017 was of a weird cloud formation, an “eye in the sky” so to speak. While walking my dog one afternoon, the sky was full of clouds in blues, grays and yellows. I got an eerie feeling when I saw the “eye”.

WPC - Best Of 2017
Eye in the Sky

Other favorites include my dog and a gopher playing “chicken”, and a pinecone and its shadow on the sidewalk early one morning.

WPC - Best Of 2017
Playing “Chicken”
WPC - Best Of 2017
Pine cone Shadow

This second group consists of wonderful memories for me because…

I saw my previous bosses after 13 years (they had moved to Arizona after closing the business).

WPC - Best Of 2017
Together again after 13 years!
WPC - Best Of 2017
Seeing family again after 30+ years!

I saw my cousin for the first time in over 30 years (and met her husband and one of their kids).

I got a photo of Ventura before the fires came through and ravaged the area.

WPC - Best Of 2017
Looking back at Ventura from the pier.
WPC - Best Of 2017
Happy Birthday to ME

And, finally, a photo of Canadian Geese that showed up at the park near my house the morning of my birthday – I counted over 30 of them!

To see more photos of 2017 Favorites, click here.


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